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MaMaw’s Slow Cooker Apple Butter


MaMaw’s recipe is guaranteed to become a tradition in your home like it is in ours. Get ready for a flavorful apple butter that tastes as good as it smells.

Apple Cinnamon Fruit Leather


Fresh autumn apples, warm cinnamon spice and the natural sweetness of Medjool dates are all it takes to make these simple, natural fruit snacks. Snacking is a great way to add a variety of healthy plant foods to your diet, throughout the day. These fruit leathers are rich in fiber and contain quercetin, a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory properties.

Summer Tomato and Olive Relish


Spice up your late-summer dishes with an easy homemade relish. This one packs a colorful variety of produce with vine-ripe tomatoes, sweet onion, and savory Kalamata olives. Kick the mild Mediterranean flavor up a notch with a few dashes of chili sauce. Serve over fresh fish or chicken, or use as a healthy spread on sandwiches.

Freezing Dairy Food


All dairy foods attract the flavors of other foods and develop an unpleasant taste. Therefore, good packaging is essential to protect the delicate flavor of dairy produce. Remember to label clearly with date, contents and quantity.

Papaya Salsa with Jicama Chips


We’re featuring this popular recipe from the files, just in time for picnic season. With just a little chopping and whisking you can whip up a colorful, fresh and fruity version of ever-popular salsa. Pair with sweet and crunchy jicama for a refreshing appetizer that also packs a cancer protective punch with nutrients like vitamin C, carotenoids and fiber.

Crystallized Ginger


Ginger root has been used for years as a dietary aid. The ancient Greeks would eat ginger root sandwiches to help their digestion. As the trade routes from India and Africa expanded, their native plant, the ginger, was exported and eventually became popular all over the world. Known for its health benefits in treating colds, headaches, and motion sickness, it is, even today, touted as one of the best, and tastiest, supplements to a regular diet.

How to Make Homemade Dried Banana Slices


Making dried banana pieces can be a bit tricky as bananas tend to turn brown when they come in contact with air. There is a way to counteract this extreme browning when drying your banana slices by dipping the banana slices in lemon juice prior to drying.

How to Dehydrate Kiwi Slices


Although dried fruit is available absolutely everywhere it is better to dry your own as commercially available dried fruit is treated with sulphur dioxide prior to the drying process. By using sulphur dioxide the color of the fruit after it has been dried is enhanced. These dried fruits might look prettier than fruit dried without the use of sulphur dioxide, but the sulphur dioxide can trigger asthma symptoms in people suffering from the disorder.

How to Make Homemade Dried Apple Slices


Dried apple slices make for a great, healthy snack and can also be used in wreaths or added to potpourri to add fragrance. Dried apple slices can also be frozen for later use.

How to Dehydrate Strawberries

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Strawberries are probably one of the most popular fruits and even children cannot resist them. They make a great addition to any fruit salad and add that something extra to plain yogurt. Sadly these berries are only available during the warmer summer months. By dehydrating enough strawberries when they are in season however, you can enjoy this fruit for the entire year.

Pineapple Pico de Gallo


Now in peak season, sweet, succulent pineapples are perfect for making this refreshing Mexican side dish. Similar to a salsa, pico de gallo pairs great with grilled fish, chicken, lean steaks, vegetables and whole-grain corn chips. Pineapples are high in vitamin C and bromelain, a compound that some studies have found may protect against inflammation and colorectal cancer.

Canning – How to Can Peach, Apple and Pumpkin Fruit Butters with Recipes


Canning is not a difficult process like most people think and it can be learned in just a few short hours if you are a beginner. Canning is a great way for you to preserve your garden harvest to use during the next year…since most canned items will last for 1 year if properly processed.

Dehydrating Zucchini and Making Bread


I was driving down the highway yesterday after a short visit to my son’s home when I chanced upon one of the many little roadside stands operated by the hobby gardeners. On display was an assortment of desirable vegetables all of good quality and offered at very reasonable prices. Among the more interesting of the selection which I viewed were the quarts of Zucchini and Yellow Squash.

Preserving Pineapple


Being what I call a garbage gardener I particularly enjoy preserving Pineapples. Although I do not care for the fruit my wife does and I in turn gain pleasure from planting the cut off top of the pineapple. Eventually this process creates a beautiful house plant. At this time I would like to explain how I go about preserving this valuable fruit.

Dehydrating Citrus Fruits


Today, as with most days have resulted in a very eventful day in our small kitchen. Not only did we manage to dehydrate several trays of French Fried Potatoes but we also attacked some lemons which we had sitting around waiting to be used. One thing to remember about our household is that nothing ever goes to waste here. If it can not be eaten at the time, it becomes a candidate for canning, dehydrating or for freezing. If we happen to purchase a bit too much of a product when it is on sale we will preserve the remainder for those times when food might be scarce or hard to obtain.

Dehydrating Sweet Potatoes


Have you noticed lately the price of fresh sweet potatoes have been dropping? When the cost of produce takes a nose dive I believe it is time to start stock up on that vegetable for winter use. As of this writing, the cost of a bushel of sweet’s in my area is on the order of $22.00. Not too bad of a price all considering how much you pay if bought in your local grocery store. A comparison with my local Wal-Mart places those costs at around .89 cents per pound or about $44 dollars per bushel in the grocery store.

How to Dehydrate French Fried Potatoes


I was not necessarily interested in French Fried Potatoes for the sake of French Fries alone but rather as a dehydrated potatoes that could be easily reconstituted as necessary, however since we did created the French style potatoes I might as well consider using it as such.

Canning Fruit Juice


It never seems to amaze me how I continually discover that there are virtually unlimited potential for canning a host of different foods. It is hard to imagine being able to can fruit juice and have it come out the same as that which you purchase in the grocery store. This is really a very economical means of obtaining very pure fruit juice when contrasting the prices charged in your local grocery store. If you grow your own fruit you are even saving more money but in the event you must buy all your ingredients the end product is worth the cost.

Cranberry Apple Salsa, Spiced Cranberry Sauce


Two cranberry relishes always graced our holiday table. One was raw, the other cooked. Making them was as much part of the holidays as eating them.

How to Store Apples and Pears


If you have a harvest of apples and pears from your garden every year, it is possible to store the surplus through the winter months just by following a few simple guidelines.

Freezer Meal Containers


You’ve heard about cooking ahead for the freezer before. You’re convinced the technique will save you money. So, now you’re ready to give cooking for the freezer a try. That’s great! But what on earth do you store all this good food in so your hard earned money doesn’t go to waste? You certainly don’t want to have your food suffer from a bad case of freezer burn… and you also don’t want to break your budget stocking up on expensive freezer boxes. Oh, what’s a Freezer Mama to do?

Recipe for Homemade Hot Garlic Dill Pickles


Years ago in Sacramento, California, I ran across an old man selling pickles at a swap meet. He made the pickles in his own kitchen in large plastic barrels and sold them on week-ends. I went to this swap meet every Saturday all during the summer and noticed the lines of people gathered in front of his booth, but I always walked by.

How to Make Herbal Jams and Jellies

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Some herbal jellies are well-known, mint jelly being one of the best examples. Others, although less famous, are equally delicious when eaten with a variety of meats and poultry. Another bonus is that jams and jellies last well and can therefore be made well in advance. Better still, a store of them can be accumulated when the ingredients are in season and then you will always have a hostess gift in stock.

The Well Filled Freezer


A well filled freezer is a wonderful thing. This appliance of the modern age allows us to safely store and preserve foods harvested during the growing months and eat the fruits or our labors out of season during the cold winter months.

To truly appreciate all that your freezer has to offer it does well to go about using it in a thoughtful, and well organized manner.

Garden Leftovers


In April you can’t wait to taste the first tomato. By September you are sick of tomatoes and wondering if you can eat another one. Here are some ideas to use those summer leftovers from Dining On A Dime Cookbook.

Homemade Canning – Where’s the Beef? Canning Your Meat, Poultry, and More!

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Why limit your home canning to produce? Scoop up a great seasonal deal on meat, poultry, or fish and experience the ease of meal preparation with canned meat. The best part is you know what is in the jar, there are no added flavors, no undisclosed spices, and no MSG.

Pear and Jicama Salsa


How To Enjoy the Perfect Pear

Fragrant with perfume, the best pear I ever ate announced its perfection as the waiter set it in front of me. It was served as dessert at The Café at Chez Panisse, Alice Waters’s more casual restaurant in Berkeley, California. My plate arrived bearing just the pear, presented whole, with a modest slab of Italian sweet Gorgonzola cheese beside it.

How to Make Jerky – Step-by-Step Instructions

Jerky by Dennis Brown

Before the invention of refrigeration and preservatives, the only way to preserve meat for long periods of time was to dry it into jerky. Drying meat into jerky is possibly the oldest way of preserving meat and jerky dates back to the earliest civilizations.

Blanching Vegetables


A close friend recently provided us with some freshly grown broccoli and there is simply no way that was going to waste. Being more of a dehydrated foods fan than I am of freeing produce, I decided that dehydrating was the way to go in preserving my broccoli. In order to do a proper job of this there are certain rules that must be followed. The first is blanching the vegetables.

Sterilizing Jars for Canning


Sterilizing jars for canning is an important step in the home canning process. Although washing jars in hot soapy water is important, it isn’t enough to ensure a clean, germ-free environment. A second step is needed to kill bacteria that might still be hanging around and make your jars are sterile and ready to use for canning.

There are three easy ways to sterilize jars for canning. All three are effective and simple to do, so it’s just a matter of preference (or space) as to which one you use.

How to Make Sauerkraut at Home


Home-made sauerkraut is incredibly easy, very tasty, and has many health benefits as it is a ‘live’ food full of beneficial bacteria. It is also great fun to make!

How to Make Strawberry Fruit Jam


At the grocery store you’ll pay $3.00 to $4.00 for a 8 oz. jar of strawberry jam. Go to a gourmet store and that same jar will cost upwards of $6.00. How to make strawberry jam is a simple question to answer. It’s fruit and sugar cooked until the natural pectin in the fruit causes it to jell. A homemade jar of strawberry jam costs about $1 to $1.50 and provides a taste of summer.

Marmalade Recipe


Making marmalade is pure self-indulgence for me. Nobody else in our house likes it, but I love the zesty tang of marmalade on hot buttery toast. Maybe the taste for it is peculiar to the English – peculiar taste buds we must have to like marmite too with its salty bite. Anyway a few times each winter I make a batch of marmalade, sell a few jars at the market and keep the rest to last me till next year. My parents also like it when they visit.

How to Dry Fruit


There are various considerations to make when determining how to dry fruit. Each step should be pre-planned for best results, everything from fruit selection to the drying process itself will play a role in achieving your desired outcome.

Canning Food With a Water Bath Canner


Water bath canning is a relatively simple way to prepare many types of food for long term food storage and is great for beginners. Once you have selected the freshest ingredients to can, you will need a water bath canner. A water bath canner is basically just a large pot that has the capacity to hold up to seven quart sized mason jars.

How to Dehydrate Bananas


Most people enjoy bananas and they are a treat for both young and old. They are a great snack, side or dessert. They are prepackaged and easy to take on the go. Knowing how to dehydrate bananas will help you have this treasure readily available to you more inexpensively all year long.

Pressure Canning Food


The basic principle of canning is to expose the food to a high temperature, that will stop decay and bacteria in the food. Sterile, airtight containers, generally glass jars with removable seals and ringed bands, are used to package the food, and then they are exposed to a high temperature, either through pressure canning or using a water bath canner. Tools such as a rack and tongs are universal to both methods of canning.

Saving Money on Canning Jars

Dwight Burdette -Mason_Jar_with_Screw_Top

Canning season is fast approaching, so I thought I’d share some of the ways in which I save money on canning jars.

5 Easy Ways To Preserve Food Without Electricity


I am not an “expert” in food storage, but I AM married to a man who grew up in the Northwest Territories and lived off the land. Due to their isolation, there was no “new” food brought in after the last barge at the end of summer, and before the first barge in May/June. He grew up without refrigeration in his early years. This is what I learned from Ken and his stories.

Types of Nut Butter


Nut Butter is made from crushed nuts and used as a spread. They are rich in important fatty acids, fiber and protein. Some of the nuts used in butter are very good suppliers of calcium. This Nut butter can be easily put on toast, crackers, vegetables and fruits.

Pumpkin Marmalade


This wonderfully golden Marmalade is a real treat on scones or used as a tart filling.

Store Garden Produce #7- Storing Cherries – Freezing Apples


About 30 years ago, I started planting apple trees on our land. Shortly thereafter, we also started growing cherry trees. When it came time for harvest season, we lived by trial and error. I learned more about the facts on fruits than herb gardening in those first several years. I would like to share with you my experiences to help you further develop your own skills. I will be covering Ethylene Gas in Part 8 of this series.

How to Dry Mushrooms & Dry Beans Storage


During my 30 + years of gardening experience, I have encountered many situations where I have had to improvise in order to adjust to the changes within our environment to accommodate my plants needs. I have adjusted and learned so much and would like to share my experience and success, as well as my “mishaps” along the way.

How to Dry Lemon Peel and Rinds

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Adding dried lemon rind to salad dressings, dips and yogurt gives it an intensely lemony flavor not possible with just lemon juice. When you’re on a weight loss program, adding lemon peel ads flavor but no calories. Lemon rind is not available in most supermarkets but it’s not difficult to make. Use unblemished lemons without any mold or soft spots. Besides cooking, lemon rind is attractive in potpourris.

How to Preserve Strawberries, Pears, and Zucchini for Year-Round Breakfast Enjoyment

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Once the fruits and vegetables come on in our gardens, yards, or orchards, we love enjoying the fresh produce. But fruits and vegetables don’t last long and it is a long wait until next year. Here are recipes for preserving that garden or orchard bounty so you and your family can enjoy it year-round. The Strawberry Jam is easy with no cooking necessary but it tastes so good. The Pear Honey is a favorite of mine as it is a very old family recipe. Zucchini Marmalade turns this little squash into a great breakfast treat! I’m sure it is because I am a senior citizen now, I love things that remind me of my childhood growing up in rural Southern Indiana. Although I never plan to live there again, it was a great place to grow up.

Freezing Pears


In this contemporary world, we are living with work surrounding everyone regardless time. As time moving fast, we have to move ahead accordingly as well. As this continues, there is less time for us to cook and eat. Thus the other best alternative to fill in your hunger is by freezing the food such as pears. This allows you to use it at later stage.

How To Make Homemade Relish For Canning

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When I first started making relish, I thought it would be a hard and tedious task. Once I made my first batch, I realized that it was a lot easier than what I thought it would be.

Relishes make a great accompaniment for hot dogs, hamburgers, poultry and fish. You can also use it on crackers or your favorite party bread.

How Long Do Eggs Last


Eggs are all about good health and that is something you probably already knew. Eggs are almost always a part of a person’s daily intake of nutrition and this is mostly so because eggs by themselves are high on nutrition. The best part about these white spheres of health is that they can be eaten at any time of the day. They can be consumed in the morning, they can be consumed in the afternoon and they can even be consumed in evening. It doesn’t really matter what time of day you consume an egg, what really matters is that you are consuming your eggs on a regular basis. However, eggs in spite of being as healthy as they are, come with a setback and that setback involves their shelf life.

How to Make and Freeze Apple Pie Filling and Applesauce


During the fall months when apples are in season here on the east coast, I like to go to our local orchard and purchase Gala’s by the bushel. Once I get them home, I like to make and freeze applesauce and apple pie filling.

Green Tomato Chutney Recipe

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I’m not by any means a gardener, but I do love my grandchildren and when they clamoured to buy some seeds, I let them pick one packet each.

Canning – How to Can Your Own Strawberry and Blueberry Jam

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During the summer months, I look forward to canning my own homemade strawberry and blueberry jams. People often tell me that they don’t get into canning because they think it’s too hard, however, one of the easiest things to can is homemade jam.

Old Fashioned Corn Relish Recipe


How to make traditional style corn relish. Use to top all your favorite burgers, sausages or hotdogs.

What is Pectin

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Pectin is one of the most important substances in jams and jellies. But what is pectin?

How to Can Homemade Blueberry and Peach Pie Fillings


During the summer and fall months, I enjoy going to our local orchard and farmers markets here in Pennsylvania and purchasing our fresh fruits. I will bring them home and freeze or can them for use during the winter months.

Honey Strawberry Preserves

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A new sweet twist on traditional strawberry jam.  No sugar added.

Honey-Lemon Jelly

Photo Credit: The National Honey Board

Easy to make honey lemon jelly tastes a lot like lemon meringue pie…sweet and tart. Delicious!

Simple Steps For Making Orange Jam


Have you ever considered making orange jam but where just not sure how to do it or what you needed in order to make it? The truth is orange jam is actually really easy to make and the end result is a great tasting jam that you will be very impressed with. This article will give you basic instructions for making orange jam and what you can do with it when it is done.

How Using Safe Food Storage Techniques Will Help to Save Both Food and Money


In order to preserve the quality of food, particularly the flavor, texture and nutritional value, one needs to know how to store foods as well as how long they will remain safe and of high quality.

Natural Ways to Keep Food Fresh

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Research points to the many benefits of eating fresh, unprocessed foods in order to help maintain a healthy diet, the down side to this is that these foods are generally free of preservatives, consequently they spoil faster. There are, however many natural ways to keep food fresh, whether it be fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, poultry, grains, eggs, bread, milk or even cheeses.