I want to tell you stop spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars going to the dentist office for whitening treatments. Unless you can really afford it, you should find some other safe and effective teeth whitening home remedies which cost you less. What are the possible tricks and remedies that people like you have used to keep their teeth white?

1. Drink a lot of water helps – Since 95% of your body is made of water, it is very important to keep it stay healthy. Discolored teeth is the sign of an unhealthy diet, either by eating too much bad foods or the lack of enough exercises.

2. Reduce the red wine that you love – Most of people who are heavy or long time wine drinkers suffer from discolored teeth. It is because the deep color of the grapes penetrates your teeth enamel which cause it to change color.

3. Apples and pears are great teeth whitening home remedies – These kinds of fruits create saliva in your mouth which help cleanse off the stains on your teeth very effectively. An apple a day can definitely keep the teeth stains away.

4. Hydrogen peroxide can be a long term process – It is pretty well known that hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening can be a great home remedies for your teeth and keep your mouth clean. It does take a while to take significant affects on your teeth, depends on how bad your situation is.

5. Teeth whitening gels are great professional solutions – Get your hands on some professional home teeth whitening remedies at a much more affordable price. Many people have gotten serious positive results using these whitening gel kits which in some cases even better than going to the dentist.

6. Avoid dark berries and fruits – Blueberries or cranberries need to be excluded or reduced in your diets to maximize your tooth whitening benefits.

7. Coffee, teas, and diet sodas are guilty of charge – Whether you like it or not, these drinks are huge causes which make your teeth yellow in the first place. If you want to keep your teeth white, try to avoid them at all cost.

8. Teeth whitening at home mouth trays – Another great addition to your whiten solution because mouth trays at home whitening remedies work miracle on lots of people. Simply apply the gels inside the mouth tray, place the tray on your teeth for 20 minutes a day, and you are good to go.

9. Smoking are not only bad for your lung – Cigarettes is the number one disaster for your beautiful white teeth.

10. More confidence and beautiful white smiles – You will make great first impressions around friends, families, love ones, co-workers, and others because you feel more confident and comfortable with your own smile.

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