8 Flowering Plants Ideal for Indoors

8 Flowering Plants Ideal for Indoors


Considered as one of the largest group of indoor and outdoor plants from among the favorite flower collections. Waling-waling which is considered one of the most beautiful of the orchids species is only found in the Philippines. It’s beautiful flowers attracts flower enthusiasts to include in their pricey flower collections.

In her book “The Orchid Thief“, Susan Orlean described an orchid show and the dazzling variety of flowers in all colors and shapes. Some are breathtaking, some are strange, and some border on downright ugly.


Some species of begonias thrives outdoors, but most are ideal for indoor growing. They are hardy plants and does not demand too much care as long as the amount of water is sufficient for their growth process. There some other varieties of begonias, they includes the trailing type or the bushy type. Others are free flowering with attractive flowers and the foliage varieties that gives beauty of their attractive foliage.


This attractive flowering plant originates in the jungle before it was domesticated in the nursery. It boasts as one of the most striking plants in the world. Anthuriums favors a humid climate, with sufficient heat, enough moisture, good sunlight requirements and good soil rich in organic materials. Most species of anthuriums are attractive with their different kinds of flower colors.

African Violets

These plants are compact and free flowering with a wide variety of flowers and colors. You should keep them grow healthy by proper watering, exposing to high humidity and controlled light to keep them flowers bloom all year round to provide with a continues supply of flowers.


This plant is considered as the most popular indoor plant in the world, because of its meaningful characteristics as a symbol for Christmas. There are newly introduced varieties of poinsettias that includes the pink and white variegated colors, an addition to the most popular red color.


They are grown for their beautiful foliage and flowers. Sometimes they are called urn plants, and most of them grows in rosettes of strappy leaves that form a central water-collecting cup. It’s hard to bring bromeliads to bear flowers, but there are some new developed type that blooms and sometimes lasts for several months before they died down.


This plant is the most favorite of home gardeners because of its easy propagation techniques. It is popular for its dizzying array of flower colors with its different flower of single and double forms. Hibiscus tolerates in warm climate, light exposure and high humidity.

Desert Cacti

This is featured as the most beautiful flower of the world when in full bloom. Many varieties of cactus are usually good collections as house plant in an array of flowers that decorates the homes. Desert cacti tolerates with enough sunlight and just enough water supply.

Happy gardening.

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