Skin Care

Treat Rosacea with Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is a great alternative for treating rosacea.

Homemade Skin Bleach

Bleaching is the simple way to get rid from the problem of skin blemishes and it also makes your complexion of the skin lighter....

Twelve Easy Tips to Banish Dull Skin

A few simple changes to our facial routine and a little bit of discipline in our lifestyle can make a big difference to our complexion.

Holistic Approach to Facial Skin Care

Many women cite a number of external factors that can trigger sensitive skin flare-ups, including harsh ingredients, weather and makeup. What they may not...

Shea Butter: One Ingredient, Many Uses

This creamy, natural substance, extracted from the nut-like seeds of the Shea or Karite tree, has been valued and used for centuries in Africa. If you have only recently discovered Shea Butter, and are wondering how best to experience its benefits, here are a few suggestions on how to use it.

Benefits of Lemon Juice – Homemade Skin Care

Lemon juice has antibacterial and antioxidants benefits! It is healthy for the body, inside and out!

Blood Cleanser Herbs to Cure Pimple and Acne

Blood cleanser herbs to cure pimple and acne are very effective in the treatment of skin disorders. Moreover, cleansing the blood is one of the most effective weapons to keep body healthy and fit.

Homemade Natural Skin Cleanser for Eczema

Anyone who has ever suffered from eczema knows how awful it is. The swelling, scaling and redness are embarrassing and emotionally distressing; and the...

How to Tighten Loose Skin

A beautiful and fit body calls for a glowing fit skin. But no matter how much glow your face radiates (and contributes to electricity...

Information on Ichthyosis Vulgaris

Ichthyosis is a form of severe dry skin that causes affected areas to look like fish scales.

Few Natural Remedies for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin reacts very quickly to both heat and cold; therefore the skin is prone to sunburns and windburns easily. The skin is usually...

History of Makeup and Cosmetics

In the middle Ages, although its use was frowned upon by Church leaders, many women still wore cosmetics. A popular fad for women during...
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