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How to make candles.

Make Your Own Citronella Candles

Need a cost effective way to get rid of mosquitoes? Try making your own citronella candles and eliminate mosquitoes while providing a romantic, outdoor setting. Making citronella candles is easy and can cost as little as $0.25 per candle. Follow this step-by-step guide and make your own candles at home in less than 10 minutes:...
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Making a Chunk Candle

Making chunk candles is a fun activity for all ages. A unique technique using wax chunks of different colors gives the finished candle a beautiful texture and look. They make a refreshing alternative to the usual pillar candles. Follow these step-by-instructions and make your own pretty chunk candles to gift or keep. Read more

Jar Lid and Jar Candle Decoration

Decorating Candle Jars and Lids is a fun and easy project for all ages. You can use many different craft items to embellish your jar and lid. If you are really creative, you could even make a snow globe out of the lid. But we are going to go over a few inexpensive ideas to...
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Make Your Own Candles With Old Wax in Just an Hour

If you want to make your own candles with old wax then just try this very simple and quick method. It is just four easy steps, you can do it are in under an hour, and best of all it'll barely cost you anything. Are ready to get started? Read more

Making New Candles From Used Candles

Ever wonder what to do with the little bit of candle wax left at the bottom of the candle jar? Do you throw away the candle wax when the wick has burned down? Well, stop throwing your money away. Candles have not lost their usefulness just because they have burned down so small they are...
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Making Candle Molds

A candle mold is a container that you poor wax into until it cools in the shape you want for your candle. Candle molds come in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, and styles. (more…)...
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The Candle: How to Make a Votive Candle

I'm going to show you how to make a votive candle, step by step, using paraffin wax. All of the steps for making a paraffin based wax votive candle, are similar for making a votive candle using different types of wax. The biggest differences are the melt point temperatures. When done, you will have a...
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Crafty DIY Candle Ideas

Candles are a great decorating piece throughout the year. They make wonderful gifts for a number of occasions from birthdays to gifts to mom. Plus, there are hundreds of creative DIY ideas that allow you to add a personal touch to candles and candle-holders. Whether you have a lot of time on your hands, or...
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Easy Autumn Candle Crafts

Autumn is here with its cool days and falling leaves. What better way to celebrate the season than some harvest food inspired candle ideas? These Cinnamon Roll and Apple Turnover candles are easy to create and make great gifts! (more…)...
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