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Time honored craft ideas.

Top 10 Seashell Crafts Ideas

If you enjoy seashells, then in all likelihood, you are almost always hunting for seashell crafts ideas to discover a functional technique to display seashells at your house and / or share them with your friends and relatives. Little kids enjoy trying to find seashells, and creating a little something of their very own to...
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Preserving Old Photos

My mother has several albums of family photos going back to the early 1900s and even before. Her mother and grandmother, thankfully, kept scrapbooks and photo albums. But as these pictures age, I worry about preserving them. Here are some things that we have been doing that may help you in preserving your old photos....
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Create Your Own Lavender Bath Bag

Many of us enjoy growing lavender in our gardens and for most of us having it grow along the side of paths to brush past and enjoy its scent is enough. However, there is a lot more you can do with the lavender you grow in your garden. Lavender has all sorts of culinary uses;...
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The Old Fashioned Touch: Envelope Seals

What are envelope seals? In this day of email, text messaging and instant messaging, real mail can be something of an anomaly, a special surprise in the mail. If that mail is from a friend or family member, complete with an old fashioned envelope seal, it can be even more spectacular. While these kinds of...
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Organize your Crafting Workspace

If your craft scrapbook workspace is messy because there's lots of ribbon pieces lying around, here's your solution to corral the mess AND spark your creativity. This little organizer will allow you to hang all your remnants where they're easy to see... and you'll be more likely to use them for your next scrapbook page...
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Aromatherapy at Home

Aromatherapy has been practiced for hundreds of years without the benefit of the fancy name. Generation after generation of homemakers prided themselves in creating the most fragrant and visually appealing decor to beautify their homes and provide relief for minor ailments, from headache and anxiety to insomnia and soothing cranky babies. Read more

How to Make a Table Lamp Shade

Unfortunately, when we have owned our table lamps for a number of years they can begin to look a little old and out dated. If you have completed a renovation or moved house, they may not match your new décor. Don't throw out your old lamp shade – give it a makeover! Read more

The 24 Hour Challenge: Tackle Your Home To-Do List

We all have home improvement projects on our to-do lists.- However, often the hustle and bustle of life keeps us from getting them done.- But what if you devoted a full day - 24 hours - to accomplishing these DIY projects?- Imagine how accomplished you'd feel and how great your home would look. Read more