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Draw Closer to Your Kids with a Daily Afternoon Tea Time

"I started drinking tea when my children were preschool age. Somewhere along the line we started having Afternoon Tea together after school. My children are now teenagers and love having tea almost as much as I do."-Brenda Hyde The typical menu for tea time seems to include several different types of tea sandwiches, cut into squares...
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Thinking About Having an Elderly Parent Move In?

It seems like the right answer for everyone involved. A parent that can no longer take care of the family home alone, a son or daughter with children of their own that could use a little help with the house and the kids. Combining incomes can perhaps improve everyone's living arrangements. It can be a...
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Earn Money Three Ways from Home Schooling

An increasing number of parents these days are electing home schooling as a way of schooling their children. A lot of these parents find that their children are not acquiring the aid they need for a suitable education because of the flood of students in public schools. A few likewise concerned about the escalating violence...
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Families Need Grandparents

A grandparent is no longer synonymous with the rosy-cheeked grandmother baking apple pies or the old granddad in his rocking chair with his pipe and slippers. They are far more likely these days to be found improving their handicap on the golf course, enjoying a walking holiday, enrolling for an assortment of classes or undertaking...
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Family Life Today: Getting Along with Family Members

Family life today is very much a matter of getting along with other family members. Family relationships are very important, and I'm often asked how to get along with other members of the family. I can't say that I've mastered the family conundrum, but, I have some intuitive insights that may help you to navigate...
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How Early Can I Start Homeschooling?

When my son turned two years old, I was faced with something I wasn't expecting at his young age...a STRONG desire for learning! I know children are inherently curious, but this was different...he was asking about letters, wanted to know more about them and begged me to tell him more! I was suddenly faced with...
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