ACORN: The fruit of Quercus (Oak)

ADVENTITIOUS: Occurring in other than the usual location, ie: roots on stems, buds on leaves

BOTANICAL LANGUAGE: means a plant requires two latinized names

COLUMNAR: sends branches almost straight up, tapering slightly at the top. (ie: Skyrocket Juniper)

CORM: solid, swollen part of the stem, subterranean (Crocus, Gladiolus)

CREEPING: spreads out horizontally

CULTIVARS: man made and discovered
– cultivated vegetatively
-asexual propagation

DECIDUOUS: Non evergreen woody plants. Leaves drop each fall. Influenced by temperature and light.

DIOECIOUS: Male and female flowers on separate plants

DRUPE: A stone fruit. ie: peach, walnut. Seed is enclosed in fleshy outer layers

GENUS: refers to the group to which the plant belongs.

GROWTH RATE: refers to vertical growth

* slow = 12″ or less/annum
* medium 13″ -24″ per annum
* fast 25″+ per annum

HARDINESS: ability of plants to survive extremes in climate

HYBRID: union of two species of the same genus

ROUNDED: forms curved outline without being pruned

SPECIES: particular member of group or genus. Usually descriptive.

VARIETY: A natural occurring population of plants of one species, different enough from that species to require a different name. Reproduces naturally from seed.

VASE-LIKE: Shrubby, grows outward & upward, widens near top.

Source: – Ingredients for a Simple life

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