There are so many everyday products that can be used for pest control around the house and garden. You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive commercial organic pesticides, or risk using harmful chemicals around your home. Just make your own and take control!

So, what can you use to control pests around your home? There is quite a list and we will look at a few of them here.

Liquid Soap
Liquid dish soap goes way back as a way to control pests. Long before organic was the way to go, rose gardeners used it to keep the aphids away. My grandfather was a huge fan of using a few teaspoons of a mild, liquid dish soap mixed with water. He would put it in a spray bottle and then spray away! This is one of the few methods that will control aphids and it is very effective. Liquid soap is also effective on slugs, but not as good as our next tip!

Beer Anyone?
Believe it or not, slugs are attracted to beer. So why not use this fact to your advantage. Put a small amount of beer in a shallow container and then bury the container partially in the dirt. The slug will be attracted to the smell, crawl over and fall in. Simply collect the containers and slugs in the morning and dispose of the pests.

We have heard of using garlic to ward of vampires – but garden pests? That’s right. Garlic isn’t used to kill pests, but it is effective at driving them away. Use a garlic mixture that is similar to the liquid soap mixture above. Mix crushed garlic with water or oil and make a spray. Then spray the mixture on plants to help keep furry critters like rabbits away from the greenery.

Garlic plants can also be used effectively for pest control. Plant garlic sets around tomato plants to prevent spider mites. Use it around trees to keep borers away. See, garlic is effective against more than just vampires!

Did you think marigolds were just a pretty flower? Well, have you ever smelled a marigold? Not the sweetest flower in the bunch. But, it is sure good to repel pests in the garden! Plant rows of marigolds in your garden next to the vegetables and you will have fewer problems with bugs invading your crops.

You don’t have to use expensive commercial products to control pests around your home and garden. Just use the stuff you already have on hand and become a great gardener!

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Piper Cox is a freelance writer who enjoys fitness, good nutrition, and the outdoors. She loves to work in the garden and she couldn’t live without her hose caddy to keep her garden hoses stored and out of the way. She enjoys nature, reading and organic gardening for the best produce!

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