Getting Your Sewing Room Organized

Getting Your Sewing Room Organized

Needlework is one of the most cost effective and fun hobbies a person can have. The person creating the needlework focuses on a pastime that is both creative and relaxing at the same time. When the work is completed there is a beautiful creation that can be worn or used in the home as a decorative item. As time requires everyone to live a busy and chaotic lifestyle this type of hobby is becoming more and more scarce. If you have the time and patience you can develop the skills to turn a hobby into a marketable product that is of a higher quality than the over produced machine made items that are found most often today. This should allow the person practicing needle craft the ability to claim a space in the home that is just for needlework. A place to keep your tools and supplies is absolutely necessary to turning this hobby into a great home business. If you need to get your hobby room in order here are some great tips.

No matter the type of needlework you are doing, quilting, sewing clothing, craft items or beautiful embroidery you will need to keep your space separated into areas for each task. You will no doubt have special tools and equipment that are used for each task of your fabric hobby.

You will have to wash many of the items that you use in your fabric hobby before you use them. Some fabrics must be shrunk before you are able to cut them. If you work a beautiful piece of embroidery onto a fabric that has a stain or smudge of dirt your work will be ruined. You should make sure that part of your home’s laundry area is set-aside for the special fabric cleaners that you use. Cleaners for spot removal and delicate items should be stored separately from the regular laundry detergent that is used in the home. You should keep your hand wash cleaners near the kitchen sink so that you can take advantage of the larger sink capacity and the counter space in the kitchen. Keep some towels nearby for this purpose.

An area to dry the fabrics after they have been cleaned is very important as well. Some fabrics will need to be stretched out on a rack for drying. You should make sure that your drying area is kept away from things that can cause the fabric to become dirty again while it is being dried. You don’t want the smell of last night’s dinner to become infused in your freshly washed fabric. You will be able to dry some of your fabrics in your dryer, but they will need to be immediately hung up or folded to keep the wrinkles away. Other fabrics should not be dried in the dryer and will need to be kept in a safe area.

Fabrics, once they are dried will also need to be pressed. You can accomplish this task in your laundry room or in the sewing room. The size of the fabric will determine whether you can use an ironing board or will need a larger area like a table to press the fabric. You should use a non-stick pressing sheet when you press your fabrics. This should also be kept near your sewing machine in case you must make some touch ups to a piece of fabric that you are working on.

You should also have an area that is designated for cutting patterns. You can use a table and chair, but make sure that it is comfortable for you. The most important thing about your cutting area is that it is the correct height for you to work comfortably and it has adequate light. Use the same table that you use for pressing in your sewing room.

The assembly of your fabric items will need a special area as well. You will need a spot to sew together pieces of a quilt or making a counted cross-stitch piece. A spot that has a comfortable chair and a table for the pieces of your work works the best. The space should be well lit to reduce eyestrain when you are working on very small areas and a place to keep the tools that you will need.

When you have a well thought out workspace you will find that your work is much easier to accomplish. All of the tools that you will need will be close by and everything will be well organized. The work will proceed much more efficiently if your workspace is planned and thought out. It is worth the time and effort to create a workspace for your sewing hobby.

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