Top 10 Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Top 10 Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

“I know it’s in here somewhere!” Does this sound like you when you’re trying to find something in your kitchen cabinets? If you find yourself on bended knee with a flashlight, or perched on a rickety chair to locate a favorite pie pan or a certain spice, it may be time to get organized. Thankfully, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can have everything within reach — and sight — without worrying about keeling over on the kitchen floor. Here are Julie Morgenstern’s top 10 tips for organizing your kitchen:

Here are Julie Morgenstern’s top 10 tips for organizing your kitchen:

1. Have a Plan of Attack

Start with a strategy based on how you want to function in your kitchen. Prioritize by identifying the frequently used “must have” items and the things you use only occasionally.

2. Declutter in Chunks

If it seems overwhelming, start with the most visible items first, such as what’s on the counter tops. You’ll get a feeling of instant change and gain motivation to do the next chunk.

3. Seek Treasures Instead of Trash

Focus on searching for hidden treasure versus ditching the unwanted. This will allow you to transform organizing into a positive experience.

4. Banish Flimsy Dividers

Pitch pitiful plastic trays and replace them with sturdy wooden drawer organizers. This will help you create a happy home for spoons, whisks and what-nots.

5. Lay Out a Landing Strip

Designate an official “drop zone” for car keys, cell phones, etc. For example, Diamond Cabinets’ Mini Message Center has hooks, shelves and a write-in message board, all concealed behind a door, creating a perfect solution for on-the-go organization. It can be found on the Diamond Cabinet Web site at

6. Cubbies aren’t Just for Kids.

Containerization is the name of the game, so create your own kitchen “cubbies” wherever you can. Stash wire baskets or transparent storage boxes on shelves so you can see and grab things quickly.

7. Create Eye-Level Storage.

Make items easier to see by adding eye-level shelves or a tall pantry unit to put small jars of spices or tall bottles of oils and dressings within easy reach.

8. Let There Be Light.

Proper lighting ensures a comfortable environment for a variety of activities, so consider installing dimmers. The Diva dimmer from Lutron allows you to set light levels to full brightness for meal prep and art projects, for example — and to lower levels for others, like mealtime and late-night tea. Visit for more information.

9. Divvy it Up in Drawers.

Kitchen drawers need not be junk drawers. Use them to store items that can be folded or stored flat, such as cloth napkins or candles. Some drawers even come with wooden pegs to hold stacked dishes in place.

10. Make Organization Part of Your Life.

Schedule a time for organizing into your daily routine, such as after the kids get home from school. Even a daily 10-minute dose of it can keep your kitchen in check.

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  1. Get your freezer organized by taking everything out then make a list of what you have in it. Tape a large freezer bag to the side of the freezer and put your list in it. Any time you use anything from the freezer, put a check mark beside it. When you are ready to shop again, you will have the list ready.

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