Wrap Yourself in Warmth with Rustic Bedding

Wrap Yourself in Warmth with Rustic Bedding

No matter what the home or apartment style, bringing in a touch of nature and the outdoors can be a welcomed change when thinking about interior decorating. Rustic bedding, furniture and hardware are one of the best ways to add this feel to a whole house or a single room. Before leaping in with both feet to completely redecorate in a rustic, outdoor theme, take some time to consider these tips.

As an overall theme, a rustic look generally involves using a warm palette that key on vibrant but muted colors like brick red, woodsy green, nut browns and other nature inspired tones. The overall color theme can be dressed up or down depending on how complete a theme is desired. Wall color, accents, fabric, accent pillows that all follow an outdoor theme will yield a complete rustic lodge feeling. A few touches of color simply provide a hint of nature and the outdoors. Unless you want a complete rustic cabin look, be careful not to overdo it.

Aside from colors, most rustic decorating includes motifs from wildlife, nature and outdoor sports, such as hunting and fishing. These motifs are incorporated either subtly or more explicitly into fabrics and bedding. This is another area to be careful not to overdo things; a wolf print on a comforter, along with wall paper, stencils and the like might get tired quickly.

Furniture that falls into the rustic category tends to be large and comfortable, most often made of wood with iron accents. Pieces are inspired by the simple practicality of cabin and prairie living of earlier times. Joinery is often exposed and many times the wood is distressed or only minimally finished. This technique is used to give an authentic handmade feel to pieces.

An easy and inexpensive way to bring a rustic, outdoor look to a bedroom is through bedding and small accessories like pillows and quilts. Using bedding to gain a rustic theme allows one to more easily dial-up or down the rustic feel. If just adding a touch of the outdoors is the goal, sheets, pillowcases and perhaps a bedside lamp can accomplish the mission. For a full log cabin look, complete bedding sets can be found, either in a single theme (deer, bear, fishing, pine tree and the like) or a set that incorporates multiple themes into a coordinated look.

Fabric and bedding material for a rustic-inspired look is important. Fabric for furniture tends to be heavy woven material. Bedding material is usually flannel or a blend of cotton and polyester known as percale. Rustic-inspired bedding comes in all standard sizes.

Locating rustic furniture, accessories and bedding is fairly easy. This design theme popularity is growing so finding a store nearby shouldn’t be too difficult. A way to get access to the widest variety of rustic items is to go online. This is a great option for inspiration, as many sites have abundant examples of rustic-themed rooms that can be a great inspiration and guide.

If the prospect of adding a rustic look to a home or room seems daunting, turning to a professional might be an option. If relying on a local store, many have on-staff consultants that can be called upon. If looking for an independent design consultant, make sure they are experienced in the rustic or cabin style.

Natural and rustic decorating themes add a relaxed and welcoming feel for the home. Whether investing in new furniture or simply adding a touch of the outdoors with rustic bedding, a nature-inspired look can be calming and beautiful. Adding bed linens would be the simplest way to add that rustic feel without going overboard.

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