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How to Preserve Food.

Preserving Pineapple

Being what I call a garbage gardener I particularly enjoy preserving Pineapples. Although I do not care for the fruit my wife does and I in turn gain pleasure from planting the cut off top of the pineapple. Eventually this process creates a beautiful house plant. At this time I would like to explain how...
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Dehydrating Citrus Fruits

Today, as with most days have resulted in a very eventful day in our small kitchen. Not only did we manage to dehydrate several trays of French Fried Potatoes but we also attacked some lemons which we had sitting around waiting to be used. One thing to remember about our household is that nothing ever...
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Dehydrating Sweet Potatoes

Have you noticed lately the price of fresh sweet potatoes have been dropping? When the cost of produce takes a nose dive I believe it is time to start stock up on that vegetable for winter use. As of this writing, the cost of a bushel of sweet's in my area is on the order...
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How to Dehydrate French Fried Potatoes

I was not necessarily interested in French Fried Potatoes for the sake of French Fries alone but rather as a dehydrated potatoes that could be easily reconstituted as necessary, however since we did created the French style potatoes I might as well consider using it as such. Read more

Canning Fruit Juice

It never seems to amaze me how I continually discover that there are virtually unlimited potential for canning a host of different foods. It is hard to imagine being able to can fruit juice and have it come out the same as that which you purchase in the grocery store. This is really a very...
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Freezer Meal Containers

You've heard about cooking ahead for the freezer before. You're convinced the technique will save you money. So, now you're ready to give cooking for the freezer a try. That's great! But what on earth do you store all this good food in so your hard earned money doesn't go to waste? You certainly don't...
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Ruby Red Pickled Beets

Beets are one of natures super foods, they lower blood pressure, high in nutrients, fight infections and are great for detox. Growing them on your garden is a must and preserving them will let you enjoy the benefits all winter long. Here is our recipe for pickled beets.. Enjoy! Read more