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Making Homemade Goat’s Milk and Honey Soap


I learned to make homemade soap from my grandmother who is now 97-years-old. Way back when I was a young girl this was a monthly process I helped with.

Grandma would ask her friends from church, the quilting bee and Elks Lodge to save all their grease drippings for her to make soap with.

Adding Clay to Soap

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Clay has been known as a therapeutic agent for thousands of years. Before we’ll discuss the wonderful benefits of clay to the skin when used in soap and cosmetics, let’s take a glimpse at fascinating facts about clay and its uses.

Borax Facts – Making Homemade Soap

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Borax is a natural, white powder, mineral of colorless crystals that dissolve in water easily. It was discovered in the dry lake beds of Tibet. Its chemical formula, Na2B407-10H2O, is a combination of sodium, boron, oxygen and water.

Tea Tree Oil Soap Recipe

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All the major brands selling natural and wellness products, have introduce the products containing tea tree oil. The customer preference for natural products have made it an important ingredient in cosmetic and medicinal products requiring antiseptic, anti fungal and anti inflammatory products.

The Basic Mistakes Of Beginning Soap Makers

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I would like to tell you about the most widespread mistakes which can occur while making homemade cosmetics and especially soap. The process of making of handmade soap requires accuracy and knowledge of some peculiarities of components used. Some of the rules can be difficult to understand without any practice but still you should know them.

Goat Milk Soap With Natural Colors


Goat milk soap has many interesting characteristics. Many people seek it out because of the feel and the properties the milk seems to lend to soap. Another plus to the soap lies in the color. Make it in what I consider the right way and you automatically get a colored soap, that sets it apart from soap made with water.

Soap Cutter – Making Homemade Soap


Are you looking for the right soap cutter? There are different types of cutters: air soap cutters, manual soap cutters, loaf soap cutters and hand soap cutters. Some just use a butcher knife or chefs knife for cutting through their soaps!

Sandalwood Essential Oil – Making Homemade Soap and More!


Sandalwood essential oil is steam distilled from the wood of the evergreen tree, Sandalum album, native to India. The heartwood is the most precious part of this tree. The best heartwood is found in the roots.

Colonial Soap Making – The Ancient Secrets To Creating Natural Soaps!


I have to admit that in the many years that I have been into soap making, I was never interested to learn about its history. I guess because there is not much that I can get from it that will help me to improve my craft. But little did I know that the secret of colonial soap making is so interesting, such that it will give me insight on how important homemade soaps are, especially during those times.

Natural Dyes You Could Use to Produce Healthy Soaps With Exciting Colors


Natural soaps are best for a healthy body and skin. Commercial soap dyes can cause allergies and unhealthy conditions because they are foreign to the body. With natural dyes, you can rest assured that it is safe for you. If you make your own soap and select the dyes that you want, then it would be fun and specifically suited to your choice of color and scent.