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Bathing Magic

In this busy, busy world of ours we often forget the luxury of a nice hot bath. When was the last time you spent at least 30 minutes in the tub? This article is all about the Magic of Bathing and to that end I will offer you recipes to create a little 'magic' in your life.

Make a Scentsational Luxury Bath Soak

Try the following homemade bath sachet recipe if you would like to experience a very calming and luxurious bath.

Detoxifying, Healing Bath & Foot Soak

Try this detoxifying and healing bath or foot soak with natural sea salts. Natural sea salts are rich in minerals and charged with electrical and healing properties that you can especially benefit from in a warm bath.

Unwind with Natural Bath and Body Products at Home

Bath and body recipes also make it possible to create quality, effective, natural skin care products right at home.

Make Your Own Natural Lavender Bath Salts

If you love soaking your stresses away in a hot, fragrant tub, then you'll want to save this recipe for lavender bath salts. It's quick and simple to make, for yourself or as a gift.

How to Make Bath Bombs to Treat Sore Muscles

When you make bath bombs at home, you can tailor the recipe to provide exactly the benefit you want.

How to Make Bath Bombs and Sell Them

How to create, package and sell hand crafted bath bombs.

Ginger Bath Recipe with Zing!

Put a little zing into your next bath! You can create homemade bath recipes that will allow you to enjoy all the health benefits of a soak at the spa in your very own tub!

DIY Bath Oils’ Amazing Health Benefits

Ah, a nice soak in a warm tub. Who doesn't love it? It offers more than just cleansing - it's a great way to relax...

12 Things to Include in Your Baby Bath Kit

How to give a baby a bath is a common question for new parents. One of the things that can make this job much easier is to have a kit with all of the needed supplies. Here s a list of the 12 things that need to be in the kit.

Bath Salt Recipes – 4 Most Worth-Noting Recipes

Salt baths drains the aches off from your muscles, while the soothing scents bring sense of calm and well-being. Here are 4 very easy and beloved bath salt recipes.

Natural and Relaxing Bath Recipes

Relax by using one of the natural home-made bath recipes. They're all easy to make from simple ingredients.

How to Paint a Cast Iron Bath

This article looks at how to paint a cast iron bath, and also how to customize it, in order to make your cast iron bath a truly unique piece of furniture to you.

7 Days to A Cleaner More Organized Home – Part 3 – The Bathrooms

Part 3 on a week long (or short) session of cleaning each room in your home and bringing back some order. We're in the...

Canning Food With a Water Bath Canner

Water bath canning is a relatively simple way to prepare many types of food for long term food storage and is great for beginners. Once you have selected the freshest ingredients to can, you will need a water bath canner. A water bath canner is basically just a large pot that has the capacity to hold up to seven quart sized mason jars.

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