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How to make perfumes and colognes. Invent your personal scents today!

12 Fragrances to Uplift The Spirit and Aid The Development of Intuition

While there are many fragrances to uplift the spirit and will aid intuition, here are 12 scents that will alter consciousness and increase your ability to contact and communicate with spirits, angels and spirit guides, along with Nature Spirits. It doesn't matter whether you use them as incense, in candles, oils or even create potpourri...
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The Many Uses for Lavender and Peppermint Herbs – Flowers and Essential Oils

When my 97-year-old grandmother was young, doctors in rural areas were few and far between. Depending on the size of the town there may have been one doctor who treated patient's living miles apart. Therefore, people depended on home remedies passed down through generations to treat injuries and cure illnesses. Home remedies continue to be...
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Tips- How to Make Perfume

In this post, I'm going to include the basic how to make perfume instructions. There's no unique skills involved in producing perfume, just stick to the procedure and you will obtain a great smelling scent. (more…)...
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How to Make a Solid Perfume with Essential Oils

It is easy to make, solid perfume. Solid Perfume opens the door to experimentation, creativity and individuality. Whether you're looking to set yourself apart with a unique scent or you're not so fond of the alcoholic undertones in most liquid perfumes, these instructions will show you how to create an inexpensive alternative one i.e. solid...
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Enhance Summer Activities Naturally

To most people, summer means fun in the sun, outdoor activities and vacations. But the flip side of summer is sunburn, overworked muscles and travel-related stress. Prepare for an active summer with a simple kit of natural aromatherapy solutions that can help protect you from summer's hidden hazards and recover if you've overdone it. ...
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Beauty Tips – Aromatherapy Scents and Their Uses

If you have discovered the power of aromatherapy, you may already understand that certain scents can have a powerful affect on our life in many ways. If you have not discovered the power of aromatherapy, the delights await you. Aroma therapy is a certain branch of alternate medicine that aims to heal with the help...
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