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Perfume and Cologne Recipes

Olfactive Families Used in Perfume

Skilled perfumers will combine these Olfactive families with many scents to create fragrances that are rich, complex and great smelling.

The Perfumer and The Fixation Process

Fixatives are the non-volatile substances used to slow down the evaporation rate of the volatile components of a fragrance. They help perfume makers to perfect their blends to the highest level and are indispensable tools of trade within the perfume industry.

Perfume Making – Fragrance Notes and Accord Explained

Perfume making is really interesting and an easy skill to learn. Making perfumes by combining different accords or fragrance notes is fascinating. You can make your own perfumes or even earn from home by selling your blends.

How to Make Your Own Perfume and Fragrances

There are various ways of making a perfume and each method lends itself to a different type of fragrance.

Getting Started with Essential Oils

When experimenting with essential oils, make sure to understand the potency and/or health risks some oils can cause if not used properly. When in...

Types of Perfumes and Tips

Perfume has been an essential part of human culture for centuries. People love to stay fragranced. It is pleasurable and gives a wonderful feeling of individuality.

The Positive Effects of Cosmetic Perfume

Not only is our sense of smell the strongest sense tied to memory, but its use also has the ability of affecting our emotions.
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