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Time honored craft ideas.

French Bead Flower Making – A Vintage Craft Is New Again

How do people use Bead Flowers? Bead flowers can be used in every way you use silk or fresh flowers. The only difference is that it will be many, many years before bead flowers deteriorate. Therefore, they make ideal inserts in bridal bouquets, bridal headdresses, hair barrettes, pins, napkin rings, corsages, "potted" plants, 3D pictures and...
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The Ancient Art of Making Rose Beads

When the roses are in full bloom is the time for this activity. It is an ancient art and I do not know where it originated. It is fun to do. Fragrant roses are the kind to use. I remember picking American Beauty roses and wild rose petals to make the rose beads. The more...
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Unique Chalkboard Craft Projects are a Stylish Way to Stay Organized

Everyone's life needs a bit of organization - so why not do it with a bit of fun and whimsy? For a new way to get organized, think charming, unique ... think chalkboard paint. That's right, the old-school chalkboard is making a stylish comeback. And with a bit of hands-on creativity, your home can be...
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Handmade Jewelry Basics – What is a Cone Finding?

Accelerate your progress toward jewelry professionalism by learning the terminology of different jewelry-making components. Converse easily with fellow jewelry makers, locate potential suppliers faster and boost your jewelry-making reputation by using correct terminology. (more…)...
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Handmade Jewelry Making Basics – What is a Spring Ring?

Whether shopping for jewelry closures with a jewelry findings vendor or reviewing jewelry design options with a potential customer, knowing the names of jewelry components will enhance your credibility in the jewelry marketplace. One who learns the terminology of jewelry components will advance ahead of casual students. Read more