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How to Make Natural Dyes


Natural Dyes – Why Use Them?

Natural dyes produce an extraordinary diversity of rich and complex colours as well as unexpected results, making them exciting to use. It is easy to design using natural colours as they complement each other...

Natural Dyes – The Top 3 European Dye Plants

For thousands of years, the three main European dye plants were, and still are, woad, weld and madder. Blue can be extracted from fresh woad leaves whilst the flower spikes and leaves of weld...

Natural Dyes

It is believed that our color selections are mostly unconscious, yet they influence every moment of our life. Many of us have our favorite colors and often prefer wearing clothes of that particular color....

Turmeric Dyeing of Silk Fabric

Introduction In recent years the usage of natural dyes and colors for fabric dyeing has witnessed its revival due to hazardous experience due to effects of synthetic dyes and chemicals. The natural dyes are eco-friendly,...

Natural Dyes – Tropical Dyes From Wood

Brazilwood, logwood and fustic are famous traditional natural dyes that produce bright colours on wool, cotton and silk; brazilwood yields rich reds, logwood purples and fustic strong yellows. These three dyes are made from...

Natural Dyes – Tips for Getting Bright Colours on Wool

I will share with you some secrets that I have learnt over the years on how you can get bright and strong colours with natural dyes. It is vital to both prepare the wool...

Natural Dye Techniques by Buddhist Monks

Have you ever wondered why the robes worn by the Buddhist monk's were yellow or orange? How did they choose and dye the materials they have? Have you ever wanted to dye cloth similar...

Creating Natural Dyes for Baskets

There is a fascination about colouring one's own material that only one who has proved it can understand. As an artist mixes his colours, one dye after another is tried until at last a...