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Color Your Crafts with Your Own Homemade Dyes.

The History of Dye

Tie dye – the history of dye...People have practiced the art of tie dye for as long as they have been adding color to cloth. In ancient times, natural dyestuffs were used such as beetroot and lichen, but colors were variable and colors faded over many washes. Read more

A Look at the History of Tie-Dye

Tie-dye clothing today experiences a magical revival. Baby boomers who grew up with tie-dye t-shirts during the flower power and peace movement are now coming into a phase of their lives where they have more time to reflect, remember the values they held dear 40 years ago and have the resources to seek out clothing...
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Making Natural Dyes from Plants

Did you know that a great source for natural dyes can be found right in your own back yard! Roots, nuts and flowers are just a few common natural ways to get many colors. Yellow, orange, blue, red, green, brown and grey are available. Go ahead, experiment! Read more

Shibori-Japanese Tie Dyeing

Shibori is a method of shaping and binding fabric in such a way that when the piece has been dyed and the bindings removed, certain areas of the fabric have more dye than others. This is called bound-resist dyeing. Read on for five easy techniques. (more…)...
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