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5 Reasons to Have Handspun Yarn in Your Stash

A quick introduction into the world of handspun yarn and why you should try it. This article discusses five reasons why handspun yarn should be a part of your stash!

Spinning and Spinning Wheels – How to Get Started

You will learn to spin much faster if you have a good spinning wheel and use the right type of wool.

Top 10 Crochet Tips and Tricks

Do you ever wonder how other people get their crochet projects to turn out so lovely? While part of having a project turn out well has to do with practice, there are other tips that you can use to improve your crochet skills.

How to Make Sock Monkeys

Learn how to make authentic red heel sock monkeys using these step by step instructions. Great for gifts!

A Single Crochet Dishcloth Pattern for Beginners

The dishcloth pattern is easy to crochet to any size you want, making the pattern great for blankets, scarves or anything else you like.

Three Basic Stitches for Hand Sewing

Here are three basic stitches that you will need to know when sewing by hand.

Spinning Wheels – Why Use Them to Make Your Own Yarn

Having your own spinning wheel allows you to make the most beautiful yarn exactly the way you want it. You are in control of the colour, thickness, warmth, strength, choice of fibre and twist.

How to Choose Yarn for Your Next Project

How to choose yarn for your next project, whether for knitting or crocheting, can be an overwhelming task. Here's how to narrow it down.

Re-Use Those Plastic Knitting Needles

If you've inherited your grandmother's plastic knitting needles, here's how you can repurpose them. In the kitchen use them as chopsticks when you make Chinese...

Collecting Buttons

Collecting buttons is ideal for collectors on a small budget. Not only can you put together an impressive collection in a short space of time, but you can also provide a fascinating insight into the history of fashion.

Family Quilting Traditions

For many people, family quilting traditions have been passed down from generation to generation. The keepsakes are ideal for both wall decorating or using as bed spreads and decorative pieces in bedrooms or living rooms.

12 Days of Learning to Quilt

Learning anything new always takes time and patience. Learning to quilt is no exception. Here are the 12 days of learning to quilt that I used to help a friend make her first baby quilt.
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