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The Well-Equipped Sewing Basket

So you are thinking about getting back into sewing? Whether sewing garments, crafts, quilts, or dolls, you will need a list of supplies in your sewing basket, ready at all times. A sewing basket can be anything like; a shoebox, a sweater box, a hat box, or anything that will hold your sewing supplies in...
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12 Things That Need to Be In Your Hand Sewing Kit

Most people who hear the words "sewing kit" think of those little travel sewing kits you can buy for less than $10 at a discount or drug store. These kits come with the basics you might need if you have to mend a tear in a hurry. Read more

Common Quilting Mistakes Even Pros Make

Like medicine and yoga, quilting is a practice-not something you can master. That can seem like reassuring news for a quilting newbie, but frustrating for those who have been practicing their craft for years. No matter where you are on the spectrum, rest assured that you're always in good company. With quilting, there are always...
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5 Quilting Tricks

Quilting is a social hobby; it's been proven to improve your health and it leads to some gorgeous results—but sometimes you just want to make things a little easier. With quilt tricks, you can indulge in the occasional shortcut without compromising on quality (saving yourself some headaches, too). Whether you're a novice or a stitcher...
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10 Best Knitting Tips

One of knitting's secrets is to be very familiar with all of the little tips and tricks that you can use for any project. Whenever I go to forums or even visit my favorite LYS (aka my 'local yarn shop') there are knitters there who have been knitting for years and some are still not...
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Telling A Story Through Quilting: Then and Now

Everyone has a story. Even if you are not a storyteller, public speaker, or author, don't be discouraged. Stories can be told in other beautiful and unique ways such as a handcrafted quilt. Most quilts have a story and these types of stories are becoming more popular throughout the world. Read more

8 Gift Ideas for Knitting Nuts

Knitters are great people to know ... and it is great to be listed in their 'good books', especially when winter time rolls around! Given that knitting wool is such a personal choice, and you never know what projects your knitter has in mind, what Chrissy gifts will earn you the most sock and scarf...
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Flags in the Breeze Dishcloth (Pattern)

I love knitting dishcloths, but I know a lot of knitters think it's silly. Why do I like them? Well, they're an almost instant gratification project and it's practical to boot. They're thick, durable and make doing dishes even prettier. Besides, I love making groups of these and tucking them into homemade bath and body...
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