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Growing Herbs

Growing Turmeric Plant for Home Use

How to grow turmeric at home.

Basil, Sweet Basil

An ancient plant from the Pacific Islands which reached England via Asia and Europe in the sixteenth century, and was taken by early settlers to America as essential herb garden plants.

Bay, Sweet Bay, Laurel

Bay, or sweet bay (the latter name being preferred in America) are highly esteemed herb garden plants

Lemon Balm – Heaven Scent

Lemon balm as herb garden plants were primarily grown for their aromatic lemon-scented leaves.

Herb Garden Plants – Thyme

Thymus species (Labiatae) Appearance Common or garden thyme reaches mature growth in the shape of a 25 to 35cm high round cloud, as opposed to the...

Growing a Tea Herb Garden for Women’s General & Reproductive Health

In this article we will discuss common problems that are specific to women, and herbal teas traditionally used to treat those conditions.

Growing Tea Herbs for Health and Pleasure

By growing your own tea herbs you can have almost endless variations of herbal teas.

Herb Garden Plants – Hyssop for Catarrh

Popular herb garden plants used as sectional edging or container inmates, hyssop is an attractive, if attenuated, sweet scented evergreen.

Coriander, Silantro or Dhania

Herb Garden Plants - Coriander, Silantro or DhaniaCoriandrum sativum (Umbelliferae) Appearance: These herb garden plants make a decorative addition to any herb border - they may...

Herb Garden Plants – Caraway

Caraway Carum carvi (Umbelliferae) Appearance: The leaves of these dainty herb garden plants are thread-like and bright green; the stems are smooth, reach 60 cms (2 ft)...
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