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Growing Herbs

Interesting Biblical Herbs and Their Qualities

When I was old enough to start reading the Bible on my own, I noticed how many plants are mentioned. In some cases, the purposes of the plants were mentioned, though in my formal training I learned many more. These ancient plants are still in use today, and often found in the ordinary home.

Herbs of The Marsh – Useful, Edible and Deadly

There are many wetlands in West Virginia, and the flora in it can be fascinating. Most people are aware that cranberries are grown is such areas, and there is a park called Cranberry Glades. A trip along the boardwalk over the marshy area can be interesting, especially if you're interested in plants.

27 Uses for Mint: The Best Growing Herb in Your Garden

27 uses for mint for medicinal purposes, in your kitchen and other uses.

How to Harvest Your Home Herb Plants

You must harvest your herbs before they can be used. It's important to pick them at the proper time.

Thyme Herb Garden – On Finding the Best Variety, Growing, Harvesting and Making Herbes De Provence

With such a long history behind it, this is one herb that any gardener would love to grow! As if that was not enough, there are many different varieties of thyme, all with different benefits

Growing Herbs from Seed

Most popular herbs can be raised from seed sown indoors during early spring.

Try Easy-To-Grow Echinacea in Your Garden

For some people, Echinacea is merely a dietary supplement that is purported to prevent a cold. But if you like to garden, you'll want to discover colorful Echinacea - also known as Coneflowers.

When to Harvest Garlic & Best Way to Store Herbs

The following are individual tips and techniques to help you store your garden produce.

Harvest and Dry Your Parsley!

How to harvest and store parsley.

How to Grow Herbs in Pots Using Herb Plant Cuttings

Four easy steps to propagating herbs with cuttings.

Stewing Herbs -The Age of The Great Unwashed!

Although you may think these herbs were called as such for culinary purposes…you will be surprised by the actual reference to the name.

Herbs for a Spaghetti Garden

One of the more popular types of kitchen gardens is a spaghetti garden. Oregano, basil, garlic, bay and parsley are such easy to grow plants that it’s a pity for anyone to use dried and bottled herbs.
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