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Organize Your Seasonal Home Decorating

I don't spend a lot of money decorating my home. Many people don't want to spend the time or money to decorate with the seasons, but over the years I have learned some ways to creatively seasonally decorate that have cost little or next to nothing. Read more

The Hidden Language of Wedding Flowers

Almost every wedding today is graced with flowers. From the bride's bouquet to the church's pews, flowers have become a way of expressing a couple's individuality and adding beauty to an already extraordinary event. Flowers are not only an extension of the bride and grooms personality, but they express a language all their own, and...
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Small Space Kitchen Storage Solutions

The kitchen is a busy place where a lot happens. It is a room where a variety of ingredients and utensils, tools and accessories, all have to be brought together in order to produce the culinary creations that you will serve your family each evening. Read more

How to Clean Bathroom Step by Step

Cleaning the bath can be a lot of fun yet it is a dirty job. First thing first, gather all the cleaning supplies that you may need for the bathroom cleaning job. It may include soup scum remover, mildew remover, bathroom surface cleaner, window cleaning fluid, toilet bowl cleaner, dust rag, paper towel, sponge, scrub...
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Fluorescent Lamps

Can Compact Fluorescent Lamps in the Home Impact My Family's Health? When you have a budding family, it can be your optimum priority to ensure their health and safety at all times, especially if you have little ones, so when it comes to Compact Fluorescent Lamps, or CFLs, can they really impact family health? Read more

Growing Catnip for Your Cat

Most cat owners will have known at least one cat in their lives that were a sucker for catnip. In fact, with only 1/3 of cats unsusceptible to the appeal of catnip, the vast majority of cats go crazy for the stuff. Moreover, they particularly enjoy fresh catnip. So, why not try growing your own?...
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Design Your Dream Bathroom

Top Trends to Turn Your Bathroom into an In-home Retreat As winter arrives, Americans will find themselves cocooning in their homes and dreaming of a nice, warm, relaxing retreat. (more…)...
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Tips for Making Your Home Smell Pretty with Dried Lavender

The scent of lavender has been proven to lift people’s spirits by fighting depression, can relax the mind after a grueling day, and can even help soothe body aches and pains. When used in our homes, lavender can enhance our moods and make life more enjoyable. There are many ways to use the power of...
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