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Determining The Authenticity of Cast Iron

Resilient to abuse and versatile by nature, 'Cast' iron was so named because it is made by 'casting' (pouring) molten iron into a mold. The 1830's through the middle of the 1850's was a period when cooking vessels - and the stoves on which to cook with them - were made of cast iron, and made in abundance. Fanciful castings were also in great demand during this time for windows, furniture and lawn decorations.

Layer Your Bed

The mood of the bedroom starts with the bed. Your bed is typically the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and therefore your eye is automatically drawn there first. Here is where your personal taste can take on a flare of it's own. Your decorating begins with the bed.

5 Ways to Create a Cozy Reading Nook for Kids

Think reading needs to be relegated to the couch or a bed? With a little creativity, you can create cozy reading nooks the whole family can enjoy. .

Your Essential Home Project Toolkit

With the right supplies and a few good tools, you can tackle small improvement projects with confidence and ease.

The Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps many people a great deal whether it is used in cooking as cooking oil, or as a beauty treatment ingredient.

The Victorian Language of Fans – They Have a Language of Their Own!

Did you know that in Victorian times the ladies had an unspoken "fan" language? Maybe a tradition we should bring back today! Here are some of the meanings.

Grandma’s Apron Pockets Held Treasures for Children

There were many uses for the apron besides protecting the dress underneath.

The Best Preservative for Wooden Sheds, Lawn Furniture, and Other Outdoor Wood Items

Wood treatments, paint, or other chemicals may not be your best answer when it comes to preserving wood outdoors. Learn why wooden pagodas built in the far east lasted for centuries.

Home Basics: How Many Sheet Sets Do I Need?

Why you should have more than two sheets sets.

Genius Family Road Trip Ideas: Lifehacks for Parents

In this article we will provide a list of activities to keep your little one(s) occupied, but we will go beyond that and focus on family road trip ideas for parents.

6 Great Ways to Freshen The Air Naturally

4 Additives to Avoid and 6 Great Ways to Freshen The Air Naturally

How to Reinvent Your Outdoor Dining Space

Here's a look at some effective ways to update your outdoor dining space.
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