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History of The North American Pioneer Schoolhouse

Settlers got together and built a pioneer schoolhouse wherever a few families had settled, in order to ensure that their children got basic education.

20 Rubber Band Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Bet you didn't know that rubber bands had so many unexpected uses. Here are 20 hacks that can help you solve everyday problems.

Reasons to Choose Green Vases for Flower Arrangements

It seems that the dark green vase imitates nature in that most flowers grow up from and through green foliage, and it was as if the green was acting as a replacement for their foliage. In this way the colour of the vase really enhanced the flowers.

DIY Ideas Using Baker’s Twine

Baker's twine can be put to a multitude of creative uses. Check out these easy and beautiful do-it-yourself ideas.

Farm-Fresh Design

Our trip proved very successful, providing fresh flavors, a number of crafts that served both practical as well as interior design related purposes, and even a bit of unexpected entertainment to top it all off.

Can My Hardwood Floors Be Saved?

Some wood floors are impressively resilient, and if they have updated sealants, they might be salvageable even when they're obviously warped.

16 Everyday Uses for Toothpaste

Toothpaste has some amazing household and personal uses. These 16 toothpaste uses will have you reaching for a tube next time you're in a pickle.

10 Tips to Help You Save Money on Groceries

Think you need to spend a bundle to eat healthy foods? These tips will help you stay on-budget and prepare wholesome meals that the whole family will love.

Wood Flooring for Pet Owners

Pets, particularly dogs, are notorious for scratching up wood flooring. They can slip on wood flooring too, especially when they get older.

12 Smart and Cheap Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator

How often do you sift through your refrigerator looking for the little jar?Here are 12 different tips on how to organize your refrigerator cheaply and smart.

23 Amazing Uses for Banana Peels

Next time you eat a banana - preserve the peel! We never realize the diverse uses this fruit has. Here are a range of fantastic uses for this versatile peel.

Colonial Shutters

Summers in Savannah tend to be humid with many thunderstorms, and about half of Savannah's rainfall for the year falls June through September, which is typical of monsoon-type climates. Also typical of this climate are hurricanes, and Savannah is vulnerable to them. Colonial shutters protect Savannah homes and still stay historically accurate.
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