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Layer Your Bed

The mood of the bedroom starts with the bed. Your bed is typically the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom and therefore your eye is automatically drawn there first. Here is where your...

5 Ways to Create a Cozy Reading Nook for Kids

Think reading needs to be relegated to the couch or a bed? With a little creativity, you can create cozy reading nooks the whole family can enjoy. Here are some tips from Charlotte Teeple,...
Home Toolkit

Your Essential Home Project Toolkit

Embarking on a home improvement project is a fun and rewarding way to spend spare time. With a myriad of ideas available in books and on the Internet, ideas abound for quick makeovers that...
Uses of Coconut Oil

The Uses of Coconut Oil

A craze has been going around with coconut oil that people are obsessed with. It is versatile and it has many uses. It is commonly used in cooking, replaces other fatty ingredients such as...
Victorian Language

The Victorian Language of Fans – They Have a Language of Their Own!

Did you know that in Victorian times the ladies had an unspoken "fan" language? Maybe a tradition we should bring back today! Here are some of the meanings.

Grandma’s Apron Pockets Held Treasures for Children

I think the reason my Grandma, an early Idaho pioneer homesteader, wore the long cotton apron with big pockets and ties around the neck and waist was to protect one of the two dresses...
Outdoor Wood Care

The Best Preservative for Wooden Sheds, Lawn Furniture, and Other Outdoor Wood Items

Wood treatments, paint, or other chemicals may not be your best answer when it comes to preserving wood outdoors. Learn why wooden pagodas built in the far east lasted for centuries.
Home Basics

Home Basics: How Many Sheet Sets Do I Need?

Why you should have more than two sheets sets.
Life Hacks

Genius Family Road Trip Ideas: Lifehacks for Parents

In this article we will provide a list of activities to keep your little one(s) occupied, but we will go beyond that and focus on family road trip ideas for parents.
Natural Air Fresheners

6 Great Ways to Freshen The Air Naturally

4 Additives to Avoid and 6 Great Ways to Freshen The Air Naturally
Outdoor Dining Space

How to Reinvent Your Outdoor Dining Space

Here's a look at some effective ways to update your outdoor dining space.
Jean Care

Tips to Make Your Jeans Last for Longer

Here are a couple of ways to increase the durability of your jeans.
Romance 101

Romance 101: How To Show Him You Love Him

36 tried and true tips to show him just how much you really love him.
Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Friends in a Hospital

Choosing gift ideas for friends in hospital is easy with our top tips. You can create a gift from any budget that will make your friend or relative's stay comfortable and colourful.
Vintage Fabric Care

How to Care for Vintage Fabric – 36 Tips

Properly stored and cared for, the value of vintage fabrics will go up over time and can be used for garments and quilting years from now.