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Domestic and Wild Animals

Bee Positive – The Backyard Bee Keepers

Imagine a world without blueberries, avocados, almonds, sunflowers, cranberries or, the summertime favorite, watermelon. Without the honey bee, many of our staple foods would be in jeopardy.

Essential Fundamentals of Proper Horse Hoof Care

One of the most basic requirements of responsible ownership is to understand and practice proper horse hoof care.

Horse Pasture Rotation

By practicing pasture rotation, you can reduce or eliminate the cost of hay during the growing season.

Herbs to Keep Backyard Chickens Healthy

Nutrition plays a large role in the health of young chicks and laying hens. By setting up ways for your chickens to access a natural diet, whether it is a free-range of your backyard, or a portable coop, they will be healthier.

Bears! Know What to Do If You See One or One Attacks You

You may see a bear at a safe distance or you may come around a curve in the trail, surprise a bear and see one up close. What you do in either circumstance could save your life.

What Breed of Chickens Lay Brown Eggs

Here are some of the most common chickens that lay brown chicken eggs as well as the age you can expect them to begin producing.

Important Techniques When Fishing Bass

Cast the lure out and wait for it to settle on the bottom. Work or reel it very slow. Cast the lure on the edge of the lily pads so it cranks down the drop off on the first part of your retrieve.

How to Raise Goats: Natural Goat Care for Meat, Milk and Profits in Your Backyard

Do you have questions you need answers to or are you frustrated with the ambiguity of big books on how to raise goats? Do you have no prior knowledge about how to keep or breed a goat? Then, this may be the perfect guide for you. The first thing you must know is that not all goats are born equal.

Plants That Will Feed Your Chickens for Free

You'd be surprised how far a few plants of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry can go in your chicken's feeding routine. And, best of all, the harvest is free!

Pig Farming at Home

If you would like to enjoy pork without spending a lot of money, and maybe earn a few bucks for yourself, consider pig farming in your own backyard.

3 Types of Plants That Repel Raccoons

Learn which plants to add to your landscaping to keep raccoons away. Raccoons do not like certain types of plants, and you can learn which ones right here in this article!

A Brief History of The Horse

A brief history of horses and their beginnings and usage. The origins of the horse date back to the first known cave drawings in 3000 B.C.
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