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Let the land nurture you.

Cattail Provides Everything for Your Next Picnic

Typha is a popular plant with many names like bulrush, reed mace, punks, corndog grass, raudo, or cattail. Whatever you want to call it, cattail is easy to distinguish and locate and has many uses. You can use it at any time of the year. Read more

Petal Power

There has been a lot of interest lately in the use of flowers in cooking and many of the more up-market restaurants are adding them to dishes to give a fresh colorful and contemporary style and taste. Flowers have traditionally been used in many types of cooking for centuries: European, Asian, East Indian, and Middle...
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Nasturtium Peppery Leaves Edible Flowers and Substitute Capers

Nasturtium is a beautiful flowering plant, Tropaeolum majus, grown for its unique foliage and edible flowers. Native to South America it's an annual member of the Tropaeolaceae family. Nasturtium is a common name for this plant that shouldn't be confused with the unrelated watercress of the genus Nasturtium in the mustard family. Other common names...
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Hunting Edible Weeds

Some people call them wild plants. Some call them weeds. And some people call them names I can't repeat. However, many weeds are actually quite edible and very nutritious. Best of all, they're free. (more…)...
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Modern Acorn Soup

Most people who know me understand that I have a great deal of respect for the Native American and their ability to survive under adverse conditions. They have managed to make use of what they have readily available at hand while wasting nothing in the process. If there were ever one group of natural survivors...
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Winter Wild Edibles

On January 20th I attended a winter wild edibles class held at Killen's Pond. The class was instructed by a knowledgeable individual named Jeff Moore. At the very beginning of the class Jeff stressed that any attempts at gathering wild foods would be a failure if you can not determine if a plant is poisonous...
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Cooking with Lavender – Beyond Aromatherapy

While many people think that aromatherapy is the only option for lavender, you will actually find that you can cook with this herb as well. Edible flowers are becoming more popular in some of the upscale restaurants around the world today. Not only will it help to enhance the flavor, but it also enhances the...
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