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Candle Making Containers and Jars


The great thing about candle making containers is that you can get really creative with them! You could buy them or you can use materials found at your home. Whatever materials you do find at home, make sure the material is strong and non-flammable!

Bees Wax: History and Origin


We have often been asked where wax comes from. Well there are many types of waxes. Bees wax has been around for a while. There are many mentions of beeswax in historic writing such as the myth where Icarus son of Daedalus put on wings of wax and as he flew too close to the sun, it melted and Icarus fell to his death.

How to Make Tealight Candles

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Tea light candles are fun and relatively simple to make and once you begin, you’ll be making many of your own candles in next to no time.

Making Decorative Candles


Have you noticed, when shopping for candles, the ones with the dried herbs and flowers are sometimes three times as much as the plain candles? And they are just oh so beautiful, but what do you do? Well, I’d thought that same thing years ago. It was around that time that I had embarked on making my own candles at home. Once I had the basics of candle making, I proceeded to move on to decorative candle making. And I’m happy I did, as not only was my house filled with the wonderful candles at a fraction of what they would’ve have cost retail, but my friends took notice. They put in their “orders”. Soon their friends were calling me up…and thus I began my new career as a decorative and aromatherapy candle maker.

Free Candle Wick Making Instructions That You Can Do at Home

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Are you ready for some free candle wick making instructions? Making a candle wick at home is a fairly simply process and it is very rewarding. With that being said we want to make sure that you know before you start that although the steps are simple it does take a long time to complete the process, for this reason you may want to make many wicks at once so that you have several prepared for you at all times.

Tools to Make your Own Candles – Thermometer, Scales, Utensils

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You have decided that you want to make your own candles. I think that is wonderful! Here is what you are going to need to get started in the candle making craft:

The History of Candles From Prehistoric Times until Now


“Now, as to the light of the candle. We will light one or two, and set them at work in the performance of their proper functions”. – Michael Faraday, The Chemical History of a Candle, London 1908.

The history of candle making began with the discovery of fire. That makes it approximately 790,000 years old, based on evidence found in 2008 at the Gesher Benot Ya’aqov site in northern Israel. It is widely accepted that the first candles were actually torches that were used to transport fire.

How to Make Sea Shell Candles


Collecting sea shells along the beach is a favorite kids summer activity. Take it one step further by transforming their seaside treasures into beautiful decorations or kids make-and-take party favors. This easy sea shell candle craft shows you how.

Make Your Own Citronella Candles


Need a cost effective way to get rid of mosquitoes? Try making your own citronella candles and eliminate mosquitoes while providing a romantic, outdoor setting. Making citronella candles is easy and can cost as little as $0.25 per candle. Follow this step-by-step guide and make your own candles at home in less than 10 minutes:

Making a Chunk Candle


Making chunk candles is a fun activity for all ages. A unique technique using wax chunks of different colors gives the finished candle a beautiful texture and look. They make a refreshing alternative to the usual pillar candles. Follow these step-by-instructions and make your own pretty chunk candles to gift or keep.

Jar Lid and Jar Candle Decoration

jarlid- ExpressiveCandles

Decorating Candle Jars and Lids is a fun and easy project for all ages. You can use many different craft items to embellish your jar and lid. If you are really creative, you could even make a snow globe out of the lid. But we are going to go over a few inexpensive ideas to turn your Jar into an attractive looking and still functional decoration.

Make Your Own Candles With Old Wax in Just an Hour


If you want to make your own candles with old wax then just try this very simple and quick method. It is just four easy steps, you can do it are in under an hour, and best of all it’ll barely cost you anything. Are ready to get started?

Making New Candles From Used Candles

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Ever wonder what to do with the little bit of candle wax left at the bottom of the candle jar? Do you throw away the candle wax when the wick has burned down? Well, stop throwing your money away. Candles have not lost their usefulness just because they have burned down so small they are no longer safe to light. Candles can be re-used. I am going to walk you through a four step process of how to make new candles from used ones.

Making Candle Molds


A candle mold is a container that you poor wax into until it cools in the shape you want for your candle. Candle molds come in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, and styles.

The Candle: How To Make A Votive Candle

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I’m going to show you how to make a votive candle, step by step, using paraffin wax. All of the steps for making a paraffin based wax votive candle, are similar for making a votive candle using different types of wax. The biggest differences are the melt point temperatures. When done, you will have a beautiful votive candle.

Crafty DIY Candle Ideas

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Candles are a great decorating piece throughout the year. They make wonderful gifts for a number of occasions from birthdays to gifts to mom. Plus, there are hundreds of creative DIY ideas that allow you to add a personal touch to candles and candle-holders. Whether you have a lot of time on your hands, or only a few minutes here and there, DIY crafting with candles is a great way to use your creative energy to design a table centerpiece, mantle decoration, or a sweet gift for someone.

Preserved Flower Candles


Putting flowers in your candle will add a unique look, while preserving your favorite flower.

Easy Autumn Candle Crafts

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Autumn is here with its cool days and falling leaves. What better way to celebrate the season than some harvest food inspired candle ideas? These Cinnamon Roll and Apple Turnover candles are easy to create and make great gifts!

How to Make Soy Candles in 9 Easy Steps

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I would like to share with you how to make soy candles right from your home kitchen.

Candle Making in Colonial America


In colonial times, candle making was an essential annual chore in all households. Taper candles were the only source of light for people’s homes, and there were no commercial candles available as there are today. Each household made its own candles, usually once a year. The average household needed around 400 candles a year, so this was a huge job.

Making Gel Candles


Learn about Basics and Supplies

Candle making is one popular activity all over the world. It is one fascinating activity, which has gained optimistic reviews from most people in various parts of the world. Making gel candles is a simple activity and presents different varieties that one can make. Gel candle making has gained a lot of interest today because the candles are very different from other types.

Make a Candle That Smells Strong When it Burns

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Making your Candle Throw (or cast its fragrance over a wide area) is the primary goal of making a Fragranced Candle. This is not hard to achieve if you understand the basic parameters. There are 5 things to consider when making a successfully Fragranced Candle. If you have the following in place, the Candle will be excellent and Fragrant.

Canning Jar Candles

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Canning jar candles are very easy to make, make great gifts, and are only limited by your imagination!

Making Hand Dipped Candles


Directions for making hand dipped candles.

DIY – Make a Candle!


Candles are so nice! And they light up whole of your environment so beautifully! Why not try making candles yourself? You’ll just need a handful of supplies and it’s not at all messy!

Candle Art – A Fabulous Birthday Gift in Forty Minutes

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Ahh…candlelight…nothing quite says PEACE as well as the warmth and glow of a candle in the dark of night…. Flickering, soothing, candles emanate warmth, hope, peace, love, relaxation and comfort.

Make Your Own Beeswax Candles

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Busy as a Bee – Make Your Own Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles are absolutely wonderful! A soft, warm glow, complimented by an incredibly sweet scent make Beeswax candles a must for around the house.

How to Make Candles Using Old Crayons

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As featured in the story “A Candle For Christmas” from the book: Christmas In Dairyland (True Stories From a Wisconsin Farm)

Scented Candle Secrets

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Custom Scent Your Home for Cheap

Whole empires have been built around our noses need for atmosphere.

But it’s more than just that …

Scent is one of the biggest memory triggers. It’s mood enhancing. It can set the whole tone of your day.

How To Make Gel Candles – 11 Easy Steps


Do you love burning beautiful, scented candles? And do you know that you can easily make them yourself? It is exciting and not at all difficult. Here are 12 easy steps to creating unique candles that you can burn at home, give as gifts, or even sell.

Making Votive Candles


Votives are arguably one of the easiest kinds of molded candles to make. They add a great deal of charm to just about any setting. The typical votive will burn for approximately 15 hours and will consume just about all of the wax that was used to create it.

How to Make Scented Candles from Your Own Kitchen!


We know how much fun candle making can be, below are some basic candle making instructions for regular scented candles you can make in your own kitchen.

Soy Candle Making Supplies

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I have spent a lot of money in my lifetime buying candles. I couldn’t help myself. I love the way candles look and smell. They make great decorations and they make my house smell so good.

How to Make Candles


Making homemade candles can be a fun hobby, whether making them as gifts or for yourself to enjoy. Candle making usually requires some experimentation, but when you discover how to make those perfect candles, it’s well worth the effort.

Gel Candle Making with Pressed Flowers


After years of working with paraffin wax, I was ready to start branching out and experiencing a bit more of what the craft has to offer.

How to Make Gel Candles


Step by Step Instructions

12 Interesting Facts to Know About Candles


If you’re considering some type of marketing plan involving candle sales consider the following:

Candle Making Molds


Molds for making candles can be purchased easily on several web sites or in specialty craft stores. There are many types of candle making molds in hundreds of designs available.