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Health and Natural Remedies

Oil Pulling for Elimination of Toxins

Oil pulling as it is known today has its origins in Ayurvedic medicine. The ancient Indian text Charaka Samhita makes claims that it is beneficial to over 30 different disorders such as asthma, hormonal disorders, digestive issues and cardiovascular trouble.

Native American Herbal Medicine

Native American herbal medicine has been used for treating common illnesses and conditions for centuries. In fact, some people still use these ancient herbal cures today.

12 Essential Oils for ADHD and ADD

Essential oils provide great relief for people with ADHD. For several years, essentials have proved essential in the management of medical conditions among them ADHD. Peppermint, Myrrh, rosemary, and vetiver essential oils among several others are very effective in alleviating ADHD symptoms.

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget: 5 Important Things to Consider

Healthy eating and keeping a strict food budget have a nasty habit of seeming diametrically opposed to one another. It seems like most common...

5 Benefits of Eating Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a great snack to fill up on. As a low-energy, dense food, they can be effective for reducing daily energy and fat intake while still helping you feel full, so you can keep on track with your healthy lifestyle.

What Healthy Fats Are and How to Get Them

Our bodies can’t produce healthy fats, so we need to make sure we’re getting enough from the foods we eat.

The Killer White Gold

Different types of sugar and how they impact our health.

3 Natural Cures for Yeast Infections

If you think you have yeast infection, do not despair. There are natural ways that you can prevent and even cure yeast infection.

Herbal and Home Remedies That Help Prevent Memory Loss

Since women have always lived longer than men, the Ancient Grandmothers have a thing or two to tell us about how to keep our memory sharp until the day we die.

Penis Rash Lumps and Spots – Common Causes and Effective Treatments

Penis rash symptoms can be caused by a wide range of penile skin problems. Some common penis rash causes are described here, as well as home treatments that may help.

Boost Your Health with These Ten Simple Herbal Remedies

Here are some of the most common and beneficial medicinal herbs, along with their soothing and healing properties, and how they should be prepared to use.

The Most Popular Herbs to Cure Fibroids Naturally

If you are battling uterine fibroids and are looking for effective fibroids natural treatment methods, you may want to consider herbs. With that in mind, here are some of the most popular herbs to cure fibroids naturally.
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