How to Make a Rustic Tooth Fairy Pillow

How to Make a Rustic Tooth Fairy Pillow

This is a really cute, yet a rustic addition to a child’s bed, and also has the additional excitement of producing a reward for a baby tooth!

You can make these out of any cotton fabrics, but my favorite has been to use well worn denim.

You will need:

2 x pieces denim 7 inches square. I make a cardboard template for this, as I like to make lots of these pillows, and cut the squares out ahead of time. You will also need, the tiny inner pocket from a pair of jeans. They are usually found in the front pockets, or you can just use a tiny back pocket from a pair of child’s jeans.

Sew the tiny pocket on the front and center of one piece of denim, then sew the 2 pieces of denim together with the right sides showing ( wrong sides together) with a 1/2 inch seams on the outside. Leave enough space for stuffing, but don’t do this just yet.

Clip the outer seams into tiny strips about 1/4″ apart being careful not to clip the seam stitching, and then wash your little pillow and put it in the dryer, this will trigger your clipped seams to fray, which gives the pillow a soft yet rustic appearance.

Stuff the pillow with extra soft polyester fiber fill and then sew the seam shut. You now have a denim tooth fairy pillow. You put the tooth in the tiny pocket on the front, and keep the pillow on the bed, and the tooth fairy replaces the tooth with a special treasure for your child to discover the next morning.

These also make cute little pillows for the bed, and can be made from vintage fabrics, but I feel they look their best with the frayed fringe edges.

The Author:

Diane Palmer, who has over 15 years experience in the crafts business.

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